Instant Money Transfers to East-Africa

We not only offer a low cost service but also competitive exchange rates. We additionally offer an easy, fast and most importantly secure way to send money instantly to your family and friends' mobile wallets.



Sending money shouldn't be expensive which is why we offer highly competitive exchange rates that allow you huge overall savings and bargains on each of your transactions.

Fast and Instant

When you send money through Sentegram, funds are instantly delivered to mobile wallets of your family, friends and loved ones.

Safe and Secure

We use end-to-end encryption to process all personal data and information. Your money is also moved within safe, trusted and highly protected hands.

Easy to Use

Our system/mobile application is simple to use and very user friendly. The entire process of transferring funds is as easy as sending an SMS/text. It's that easy!

How it works

All you have to do to be able to use Sentegram is to download the Sentegram app and get registered. Once your registration has been completed and your identity verified, you will be able to send money from your Sentegram account to mobile wallets in East Africa.

The process of using the app to send money is so simple that you could as well be texting. The funds are delivered instantly to your recipient's mobile wallet.

Sentegram charges no fees to send your funds unlike some other remittance facilities that make money on both ends of the delivery. You in fact save money by just using the sentegram app.

Money sent through Sentegram with the correct data and information is secure on both ends and you can always know how your transaction went. We secure your personal data and protect you from losing money.

You can now send money through Sentegram and relax at the same time, knowing that your money is safe and your transaction is hassle free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my recipient need to download and install the Sentegram application to receive money?

No, your recipient just needs to have a mobile number that is registered with the local carriers such as MTN, Airtel/Warid and others.

How safe and secure are your online services?

Your personal information and details are processed through encrypted layers of communication. All of our payment processing partners follow strict security standards and laws.

Where can I download the Sentegram application?

Our application is available to download both from the App Store and Google Play Store. However, you need to request for it first through our website or by contacting us via email or phone. It will soon be accessible without needing an invitation.

How long does it take for the money to arrive?

Money transferred through Sentegram to your recipient's mobile wallet arrives instantly and readily availbale to use towards anything of your recipient's choice.

Why are your transactions free?

While the exhange rates we provide are very attractive and competitve, we are still able to make a small profit off of them. No need to be greedy like most providers who charge both on the exchange rates and transaction fees.

Where is the list of supported countries to send money to?

It can be found within the Sentegram application. We are constantly working on adding more countries. You will continue to see the list grow with time. If you are curious about the timeline for supporting your country, please reach out through our website with your concerns and let us know.

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About Sentegram

When we work away from our native country and have to send money home to our families, we are often confronted by stiff international money rules and exchange rates that together, can make things miserable for us. When a company steps forward and offers hassle free, low rates money transfers that are designed to serve, we can close our eyes and relax knowing that someone got our backs in the important places.

It is for this reason that a couple of hardworking people who are bound together by their love for service and their penchant for helping people get the best out of their efforts, time and money. The product of this ingenious collaboration is Sentegram, designed to help the world move their funds.

Sentegram is committed to sending money through the whole of east Africa region and working towards bringing the service to even more people across the globe. Our services are service primarily focused on serving the East African region at the moment and we offer the best exchange rates in the market! We additionally offer an easy, fast and most importantly secure way to send funds instantly to your family and friends' mobile wallets.

The security of your funds is guaranteed with the added flavour of fast and efficient transactions from different parts of the world. With all the factors considered, Sentegram has come up with a unique way of transacting business that puts the customers at ease and sets you on the path to security and assurance of your funds.

What do current users think?

@Sentegram This app has really good rates! The support team is very kind and helpful.

Florence Mwesigwa

@Sentegram I tried this app and I must say I am one happy customer. Excellent service!

Brian Mawanda

This Sentegram app is of great use to me - it is very easy to use and super convenient.

Christine Natukunda

@Sentegram Wow! I sent money and it was received within seconds! I am never going back to my previous providers.

Moses Otim

@Sentegram Great work guys! No more running around to money agents. I can send money at any given time 24/7 in about 3 clicks!

Patricia Katushabe

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